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The Productivity Plus Plus eBook

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Are you too busy to improve? You've come to the right place.

We have all heard of advice like read others' code, don't multitask, and so on... This is not one of those books. "Productivity Plus Plus" contains actionable tips to increase your productivity as a developer. No fluff, only what's proven. And it can be included into your workflow right now!

Whether you're new (say 3 months in) to the industry or an experienced developer (say 5 years and running), this should help you optimize things (that you're probably doing more than 10 times a day). I've been sharing these tips with my peers for over 3 years now, and I've learned that most people do not invest time in looking for these solutions themselves. It's just a relatively uncommon thing to do!


• An introductory section to warm you up

• 10 sections of actionable tips that can be integrated in your workflow (for FREE)

• A bonus section

* A closing section to develop an automation mindset

• [OPTIONAL] Get the 1:1 workshop to book a one-hour session with the author to guide you to put all the tips in action

Note: The eBook has a 7-day return policy. If the content does not match your expectations, you can shoot me a DM on Telegram ( and get a refund - no questions asked!

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The Productivity Plus Plus eBook

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